10 Ways to Turn Clutter into Cash


Resell It: Through Craigslist or Amazon Marketplace

Craigslist is another platform you can use to advertise items you'd like to be rid of. The postings can range from seriously simple to quite complex, depending on the level of effort you wish to make. If no one contacts you with interest in, say, your redundant dining room set, your old washer and dryer, or your used set of garden tools, you can simply repost and hope to have more luck the next time around. One option, for example, is to lower your asking price and see if you get any takers at that price point. Just keep safety in mind. As with most anything on the Internet, you should always use caution when dealing with people you don't know.

Another avenue to try is Amazon Marketplace, where you can sell as an individual. The process is fairly straightforward: Choose a category of products, enter as much info as you have, then search Amazon's list of matches for the specific item you wish to sell. Describe the condition of the object, the price you want to sell it for, how many you have to sell and how you plan on providing shipping. The page will show prices for items already posted at list, new and used price points.