10 Ways to Turn Clutter into Cash


Resell It: Through Etsy

For older items -- especially decorative, fun or fancy ones -- Etsy could be the online route you want to take. If they're not handmade, items have to be at least 20 years old to count as vintage (as we'll politely call your house's clutter cache). Aged jewelry pieces, outmoded outfits, ornamental tea sets or childhood toys all qualify and could be made ready for a new debut. Even items that aren't ready-to-wear could still sell: Crafty people who hang out on Etsy are interested in any manner of articles for artistic projects and other undertakings.

Selling on Etsy is pretty easy. Once you register, you can set up your Etsy shop, and start shuttling out goods that are irrelevant to you but fascinating to someone else in next to no time. And perhaps the best thing about Etsy is the kindness of the community. Respect is the modus operandi. It's an online site that's about celebrating creativity and cool stuff, not about bashing others unnecessarily.