10 Window Cleaning Tips for Apartment Dwellers

Use a Squeegee Inside
Squeegees aren't just for window exteriors -- they're perfect for indoors as well. © Corbis

Using a squeegee for cleaning the inside of your windows means tidying up your technique to avoid puddles and drips from accumulating on your sills and floors as you clean. It's important to keep window cleaning solution away from woodwork as it can damage the finish, and is best avoided with a wipe-as-you clean style (a few strategically-placed towels laid out before you begin can make a big difference in your fight against drips). Use the smallest amount of water to do the job -- and keep the blade of the squeegee from becoming too wet by wiping or shaking excess off the blade and resting it on a dry surface instead of in a bucket of water [source: Family Handyman Magazine].

For best results, clean with new blades; buy replacement rubber blades when yours becomes worn around its edges, cracks or no longer seems to do a very good job cleaning -- and wipe up any drips as they may happen.