5 Cleaning Chores for the Reluctant Hubby


Organizing the Garage

Yes, women can and do use power tools, bikes, lawn mowers and all the other miscellaneous gear in your garage, but chances are your husband thinks of this as his domain, so why not roll with it? Engage the whole family in a quick cleanup by pulling everything out of the garage and sorting it into three piles: one for outgrown bikes, unused holiday decorations and other items to give away; one for things to throw away; and one for everything you want to keep. Then let your husband wow you with his powers of organization as he finds a place for all those items the family can't live without.

Of course, if the Gallup poll responses are correct, your husband might prefer to stay out here all day. But you can bring a dose of gender equality to your chores list when you send him back inside for the next chore.