5 Easy Cleaning Tips for Metal


Copper and Brass

The copper and brass trinkets you have sprinkled around your kitchen and home add a wonderful old-fashioned feel to the place -- that is, until they get dirty. Whether it's your bathroom faucet, your grandmother's old tea kettle, or kitchen utensil jars, once they get dirty -- which they always seem to do -- they begin to shout "old and worn" instead of "rustic and charming."

A quick and handy way to do some touch-up cleaning on copper and brass is to slice a lemon in half (cutting it lengthwise will probably give you a slightly larger cleaning surface), sprinkle the flesh of one half with salt, and then, grasping the lemon by the peel, use the salted flesh to scrub away spots of tarnish. Your house will be singing "pleasantly old-fashioned" again in no time.