5 Eco-friendly Laundry Tips

Line Dry

In the olden days, before homes had two-car garages and central air conditioning, outdoor clotheslines were as common as rain barrels and victory vegetable gardens. In a society that recycles ideas more than objects, clotheslines, rain barrels and vegetable gardens are all coming back in style. In the case of clotheslines, this means you can once again dry your laundry in the fresh air without the neighbors thinking you've fallen on hard times.

Nowadays, clotheslines come in streamlined styles that can make it easy to line dry your blankets, towels and dainties indoors or out. This includes retractable lines that can be extended when you need them and hidden out of sight when you don't.

Giving up your dryer, part of the time at least, has some advantages beyond reducing your carbon footprint. Your clothes will last longer because they'll lose fewer fibers from being knocked around during the tumble drying process. They'll smell fresher, too. If you're doing the line drying honors indoors (which is easier than it sounds), you'll also be producing a humidifying station that will keep your home more comfortable during the winter months.

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