5 Glass-top Stove Cleaning Tips


Clean Food Immediately

It's not what you want to do before you eat dinner, but if you want to keep your glass stovetop pristine and shiny, you need to clean stains up as soon as they happen.
If you want to keep your glass stovetop pristine and shiny, you need to wipe up spills before they turn into stains.
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We can't stress it enough – the sooner you clean your glass-top stove, the easier and better it'll be in the long run. Grease, sauces and spills are tough enough to clean off a glass-top stove. If you get lazy and leave the cleaning for another day, however, those stains will spell disaster. Leaving errant food to sit, fester and become even more difficult to handle or reheating burnt-on stains will only complicate your cleaning, and can turn into a permanent problem.

All food should be removed as soon as the stove is cool, but some foods are worse than others. Sugary or sticky spills, such as syrup or jelly, can actually make their way into the glass, causing pitting and cracking. They should be immediately cleaned once the surface is cool enough to do so [source: Samsung]. Foods that get really stubborn when dried out, such as tomato sauce, grease or even water from a boiling pot require significantly more elbow grease, which can also cause the glass to crack. Since a shattered glass-top is usually not covered under a normal "wear and tear" warranty you would be responsible for replacing it. However, if you're vigilant about keeping your glass-top stove clean, you'll be rewarded with a stain-free, polished appliance that will bring you years of use and many memorable meals!

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