5 Great Kitchen Sanitation Tips

Don't Mix Raw Meats with Veggies
To be super safe, chop your veggies and meats on separate cutting boards.
To be super safe, chop your veggies and meats on separate cutting boards.

Never let your eggs, poultry or meat, or the juices from any of these, come into contact with other foods. For example, be very careful about using the same cutting board for meats and vegetables. If you were to cut the meat first, you'd risk contaminating the vegetables, especially if you prefer your veggies undercooked or if those veggies are meant for a salad and they won't be subjected to the high heat that kills bacteria. One solution to the problem is to cut the vegetables first. This way, you can use the same cutting board for both the vegetables and meat. Do, however, rinse the board after cutting the veggies because they may leave dirt behind.

Better yet, to completely eliminate the potential for cross-contamination, buy different color cutting boards for veggies and meats -- a red cutting board for meat preparation only, and a green cutting board solely for vegetables.

When you finish chopping your vegetables, move them to a bowl, pot or pan to isolate them and prevent contamination as you begin to chop your meat. Use a fresh clean knife and fork every time you start prepping different types of foods, or to keep things completely sanitary, always use certain utensils for certain tasks while cooking.

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