5 Household Items for Cleaning Furniture



No matter how many times you tell your kids, guests or spouse to use a coaster, someone's always going to put their glass of water right on your wooden table. If you find a ring after the fact, try not to faint. And if you witness the culprit setting down the sweaty ice water in the moment, try to resist lunging across the sofa to save your table, because there's a quick and easy way to get rid of those rings.

You can remove a ring on a wooden table easily with a little sandwich spread. With a clean, soft cloth, rub mayonnaise into the water mark on the wood. Leave it overnight. The next day, use another clean, soft cloth to wipe away the mayonnaise and, along with it, the water ring. Despite knowing of this miracle cream, you should still encourage everyone to use a coaster, or you're not going to have any spread left for lunch!