The 5 Most Expensive Toilets Ever (and How to Keep Them Clean)

The "Dagobert" Wooden Throne Toilet

Named for the 8th-century French ruler, this wood and porcelain toilet looks like it's fit for a queen out of a fairytale. It's a new design, though. If you have the $14,123 (or more with inflation) purchase price, by all means indulge. Keep your tiara nearby so you can immerse yourself in the experience of royal luxury, though.

The Dagobert toilet is part of the Herbeau Kitchen Couture line of products known for its blending of classic styling with modern technology. The exterior is made of solid ash, chimes sound when the seat lid is raised and a bell sounds when the toilet is flushed. The unit also has an onboard candleholder (we kid you not) and ashtray.

Go for it, if you can. At least you'll never lose your way to the john in a blackout.

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