The 5 Most Expensive Toilets Ever (and How to Keep Them Clean)

The International Space Station Toilet

Space can be an unfriendly place when you need to use the facilities. That's why the most expensive toilet ever made is out of this world -- literally. It's outfitted with leg restraints to keep the astronauts seated during bathroom breaks, so it's a serious piece of equipment. Clearly, going to the bathroom isn't a simple dump and flush operation in space. Liquid waste is recycled in a three-step process and reused. Solid waste isn't recycled. (We're breathing a sigh of relief here).

In 2007, NASA purchased the toilet from the Russians for use in the American section of the station. It was considered a bargain at the time. A similar toilet was already in use on the Russian side, and designing one from scratch would have cost NASA even more than the staggering $19,000,000 price tag.

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