Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tools

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­Come on, get up. You've been tucked in her­e all winter, wrapped up in the same unwashed blanket staring at the television. Look at this place; it's gotten a little dingy, hasn't it? The stale odors alone are reason enough to get motivated to clean, not to mention the pet hair that's built up and the generalized deep funk that's settled over your house.

There's no need for further discussion; yes, you've swept and tidied up here or there, and the dead of winter's no time for doing much more around the house than that. But if you'll notice, there are buds beginning to sprout on trees outside and the sun's beginning to creep up e­arlier and stay around longer. Spring's coming and it's high time that you give your house a thorough spring cleaning.

Before you get started, though, take a quick inventory of what you'll need to clean. We've included some ideas for essential spring cleaning tools to help get you started.