5 Things in Your Bathroom You Should Clean Everyday 

Parts of the bathroom are pretty easy to clean as you use them every day. And these quick cleanings will make deep-cleaning a lot easier to handle.
Parts of the bathroom are pretty easy to clean as you use them every day. And these quick cleanings will make deep-cleaning a lot easier to handle.

Cleaning the bathroom is a job few want to tackle -- and rightfully so. There are some scary things in there. Soap scum, bacteria, toilet rings -- it's almost as if they saved the slimiest names for bathroom grime. So why would anyone want to clean the bathroom daily? Well, as it turns out, there are parts of the bathroom that are pretty easy to clean as you use them every day. And, if you get in the habit of giving these surfaces a quick cleaning each time you use them, you'll make the big deep-clean job a lot easier to handle, whether you choose to do it weekly or bi-weekly. Read on as we share the five things in your bathroom that deserve a daily cleaning.


Cleaning out the sink is easy enough. But if you don't give it a good wipe each day, soap scum, hard water and even your makeup can build up and leave your sink looking dingy. Depending on what type of material your sink is made of, staining can even occur over time. But not to worry, a daily cleaning will prevent stains and keep your sink looking squeaky clean. Wiping the sink out each day when you finish your morning routine will save your arms a good deal of scrubbing, too. To guard against a dingy sink and stubborn, built-up grime, simply keep a sponge under your sink or in the medicine cabinet. Give the sink a good wipe as the very last step of your morning routine, and voilà -- the days of vigorously scrubbing your sink are over.

Toilet Touch-up

The dreaded toilet -- it's probably everyone's least favorite part of cleaning the bathroom. But, this dirty job can be made easier with a little daily maintenance. Don't have enough money for all that toilet bowl cleaner? Well, that's OK. You won't need it. Simply wipe down the seat and lid with an antibacterial wipe and swirl the toilet bowl brush around the toilet bowl. There will be enough toilet bowl cleaner left on the brush from your weekly cleanings to kill germs each day with a quick swish.

Mirror, Faucets and Countertop

Although they're not as obvious at collecting germs as other areas in your bathroom, your mirror, faucets and countertop could use a daily cleaning as well. The perfect time to perform this cleaning is at the end of your morning routine (you know, at the same time you're giving your sink its daily cleaning). A sponge with a gentle cleaner is the perfect tool for your faucets and countertop. Don't forget to reach the tight spaces between your faucet and the back wall and in the seams where the faucets attach to the countertops. These areas are dirt magnets, and yet are often missed in a quick cleaning. Glass cleaner and a paper towel should be used for the mirrors. If you're having trouble with streaking, try using newspaper instead of a paper towel.

Shower Curtain/Door

Your shower curtains or doors aren't just magnets for soap scum; they can also be breeding grounds for mildew and bacteria -- yuck! To prevent this gritty, unwanted film from building up on your door or curtain, you'll need to give them a quick cleaning each day -- or each time you use the shower, anyway. If you're in a hurry, a quick rinse with hot water will help keep a shower curtain clean. Don't forget to pull the curtain shut when you're finished. A bunched up curtain holds water in its folds and promotes the growth of mildew. If you have a shower door, use a squeegee to clean it after each use to keep it shiny and new. Turning on the exhaust fan during and after your shower will also help prevent mildew from forming.

The tub is prone to mildew and soap scum build-up, so wiping it down after each us will help keep it clean.
The tub is prone to mildew and soap scum build-up, so wiping it down after each us will help keep it clean.
Polka Dot/Thinkstock

Just like your shower curtain or door, the tub or floor of your shower is prone to mildew and soap scum build-up, too. The reason your shower requires daily attention is its climate. Constant moisture creates a breeding ground for unwanted grime. Get rid of any extra moisture in your shower or tub by using a squeegee or a towel to sop up extra water left after use. If your shower is made of tiles, the caulking in between each tile should be given special attention, as mildew thrives in this particular environment. Keeping the bathroom fan on during and after your shower will help wick up moisture as well. For even cleaner, shinier shower walls and tub, try a shower spray. Simply spritz the shower walls, floors, or tub on your way out, and your work here is done.


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