5 Things in Your Bathroom You Should Clean Everyday 

Mirror, Faucets and Countertop

Although they're not as obvious at collecting germs as other areas in your bathroom, your mirror, faucets and countertop could use a daily cleaning as well. The perfect time to perform this cleaning is at the end of your morning routine (you know, at the same time you're giving your sink its daily cleaning). A sponge with a gentle cleaner is the perfect tool for your faucets and countertop. Don't forget to reach the tight spaces between your faucet and the back wall and in the seams where the faucets attach to the countertops. These areas are dirt magnets, and yet are often missed in a quick cleaning. Glass cleaner and a paper towel should be used for the mirrors. If you're having trouble with streaking, try using newspaper instead of a paper towel.