5 Things in Your Bathroom You Should Clean Everyday 

Shower Curtain/Door

Your shower curtains or doors aren't just magnets for soap scum; they can also be breeding grounds for mildew and bacteria -- yuck! To prevent this gritty, unwanted film from building up on your door or curtain, you'll need to give them a quick cleaning each day -- or each time you use the shower, anyway. If you're in a hurry, a quick rinse with hot water will help keep a shower curtain clean. Don't forget to pull the curtain shut when you're finished. A bunched up curtain holds water in its folds and promotes the growth of mildew. If you have a shower door, use a squeegee to clean it after each use to keep it shiny and new. Turning on the exhaust fan during and after your shower will also help prevent mildew from forming.

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