5 Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair


Use the Vacuum

If you have pets, you're no stranger to the wonders of vacuum cleaning. Some vacuums are more durable and better at removing pet hair than others, though. Suction is important, but so are factors like ease of use, belt endurance and agitator brush effectiveness. Before you buy a new vacuum, take a look at what some of the independent testing labs like Consumer Reports have to say about the newest vacuum cleaners on the market. Effectiveness at picking up pet hair is included in most vacuum cleaner rating summaries. You'll also discover that some manufacturers offer models specifically designed to tackle pet hair. We admit this sounds pretty promising, but it may be more hype than anything else, so do your homework before you buy.

To get the best performance from your current vacuum cleaner, change the bag often. In most conventional vacuums, the bag acts as the onboard filter. The unit functions less effectively when the bag is full. Keep the wand or agitator brushes clean, too. Pet hair can get tangled in the cleaning brushes of your vacuum, especially if your pet has long hair.

The way you clean can also have an impact on how well your vacuum handles pet hair removal. Some experts recommend going over each area of your carpet three times in alternating directions to loosen and eliminate embedded hair. It's a good idea to overlap your strokes slightly as you work, too.