5 Tips for Cleaning Without Getting Dirty


Perform Regular Maintenance

Don't let your kitchen intimidate you.
Don't let your kitchen intimidate you.

Scrubbing the kitchen every Saturday afternoon will make you lose your enthusiasm for cooking fast, but preforming small maintenance chores like wiping down the stove, microwave and countertops every day won't leave a huge job for someone -- probably you -- to do later. Regular maintenance can be quick and is almost always less messy than those weekly marathons that can end up staining your tees or getting mystery spots on your new running shoes. Your best bet is to do a little bit as you move through the space. For example, if you're waiting on food to come out of the oven, get a head start on the dishes. Or if you're waiting for the bath tub to fill up, wipe down the toilet or sinks. These small jobs will take mere minutes (sometimes seconds), but can leave you loads of tiem down the line.