5 Tips for Cleaning Without Getting Dirty

Use Protection

We mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. Wearing protection like rubber gloves not only creates a barrier between you and dirt, it also protects you from germs and injury. Using bleach you haven't diluted thoroughly can actually eat holes in your skin. That isn't just a great way to ruin your designer jeans; it could result in a quick trip to your neighborhood urgent care facility. Wear long-sleeved shirts for wet tasks that may create splatter problems. Cover your hair with an inexpensive shower cap when cleaning the ceiling. If you're really stirring up dust, use a respirator. After a few big cleaning projects, you'll probably have a whole separate wardrobe of older, slightly stained -- OK, horribly stained -- but clean clothes to wear for those unavoidable jobs. Before long, you'll be able to clean the fridge, dispose of fireplace ashes and even tidy up the grill without getting so much as a spot on yourself -- most of the time, anyway.

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