5 Old-Fashioned Tips for Household Clean-Ups


Naturally Scented Laundry

So many laundry products sold today advertise their ability to leave your clothes, bedding and towels with the "fresh scent" of this or that -- from cherry blossoms and honeysuckle to ocean breezes and spring showers. To infuse fabric with such aromas, manufacturers use a variety of both natural and artificial chemicals, but not a single one truly reproduces the crisp, comforting smell of laundry that has been freshly dried outdoors.

Try giving your senses a treat by drying your laundry the old-fashioned country way: When weather and space permit, hang a load of just-washed clothes (or at least your towels and washcloths) outside on a laundry line or drying rack. You're sure to be pleasantly surprised when you discover the scent that fresh air really gives to fabrics.