10 Tips for Multiuse Office/Guest Rooms


Provide Storage Space

Friends and family who visit will need a place to store their clothes and other items. When you don't have visitors, vertical shelves are perfect for displaying office supplies, knickknacks or accessories. Then, when you're expecting guests, you can simply clear the shelves to make room for their folded garments and personal effects.

A suitcase bench is another easy storage solution. Folded open, it gets luggage off the floor, which is always a plus for guests. When it's not in use, the bench can be closed and stored out of the way of your office.

In terms of office storage, the digital age has helped to drastically reduce the amount of space needed for home office paperwork. Still, it's helpful to either purchase a small, lockable filing cabinet for contracts, tax forms and other hard copies if your desk does not provide such a feature.