5 Tips for Polished Marble Stain Removal

Coffee, Tea and Wine
Wine, tea and coffee are dark-toned beverages that will leave a mark on marble surfaces.
Wine, tea and coffee are dark-toned beverages that will leave a mark on marble surfaces.

Considered some of the "organic stains," wine, tea and coffee are dark-toned beverages leave a mark while keeping us happy and/or hydrated. They hydrate marble, too, though but only to the extent that the marble holds the memory of the drinks in its porous surface.

A pasty poultice applied and left on the marble works well, and hydrogen peroxide or hair bleach is effective as with other stains. Floors, counters and tables of marble are coveted because they look so good in just about any home, but using them can be a little intimidating if you're worried about cuts, stains or dulled finishes.

Fortunately, it's not hard to take care of marble without losing your marbles. So, err, shine on!

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