5 Tips for Streamlining Your Laundry Routine

Equip Your Laundry Room

To get in and get out as quickly as possible, turn your laundry room into a super-efficient laundry battle zone. All it takes is a little bit of organization.

First, put things you need within easy reach. Place soaps and detergents in convenient, easy-to-reach places near where they're used. Keep a sewing kit with needles, thread, and extra buttons nearby for quick repairs.

Second, be prepared. For example, if you use vinegar to soak away coffee stains, then keep some in the laundry room rather than in the kitchen. Post a cheat sheet with instructions for common tasks you can't seem to remember without looking up, like how much bleach to add to a full load of whites or how much detergent you need for soaking stains.

Stay organized. Set or hang small baskets near the washer and dryer as a place to put odds and ends -- a mismatched sock, a shirt that needs a new button, loose change. They can act as a quick place to toss random finds that doesn't require leaving the room when you're mid-laundry.

Lastly, don't overcrowd your laundry room with non-laundry-related things. Keep it simple to help keep laundry a quick and painless task.

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