5 Tips to Remove Kitchen Odors

Is something stinking up your kitchen?
Is something stinking up your kitchen?
©iStockphoto.com/Angela Ollison

The dishes are clean, the counter's wiped down, and table settings are in order. Your kitchen looks perfect enough for a magazine to come in and photograph. But what would the photographer say as she stepped inside and took a deep breath?

If you have odors lingering in the air from last night's dinner, you're not alone. The first step to getting smells out of your kitchen is finding the culprit. It's not always as easy as pinpointing the trash can or the leftover Chinese food in the fridge, but you can usually find it if you just follow your nose until you cringe.

Even once you find the smelly criminal, though, you're put to task on how to clean it. Unfortunately, the tried and true, soap-and-sponge method doesn't always live up to its squeaky-clean reputation when scrubbing away at a wooden cutting board or plastic containers.

You'll need a tougher method to get those odors out of your kitchen -- but don't worry, tougher doesn't always mean more expensive. Try our 5 tips to easily kick odors out of your kitchen without breaking your piggy bank -- or your back. We'll start with the fridge.