5 Tips to Remove Kitchen Odors

Trash Odors

Your fridge smells weird, so you vanquish those odors by throwing out old leftovers, and the kitchen's scent soon returns to normal. You feel confident at your ability to stay on top of a smelly kitchen until you wake up the next morning, sleepy-eyed, and make the mistake of opening the trash can lid. Who needs coffee when you have the smell of old leftovers or last night's dinner to knock you back?

No worries; this is an easy fix. To mask odors from trash, place fresh lemon or orange peels in the bottom of your garbage pail. To kill two birds with one stone, clean up the peel from the orange packed in the kids' lunchbox by tossing it under the bag instead of inside one! That way, you're cleaning up while also deodorizing! Replace as needed to keep the container smelling sweet.

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