5 Ways to Create an Allergen-free Bedroom


Avoid Bringing Allergens into the Room

Yes, he's cute and cuddly. But he's also the reason you're suffering. 
Yes, he's cute and cuddly. But he's also the reason you're suffering. 
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Before you can eliminate allergens from the bedroom, you've got to stop bringing pollen and other allergens into your sleeping space.

Your pets are the No. 1 culprits tracking new allergens into your bedroom. Everything from dander and hair to your pet's saliva may be the source of your itchy eyes or runny nose. Start by keeping bedroom doors closed so pets can't get in, and never let your pets share your bed. If allergies are still a problem, consider keeping pets outdoors as much as possible, or setting up their sleeping spaces in well-ventilated, easy-to-clean rooms, like the kitchen.

Of course, pets aren't the only ones to blame. Many homeowners would be surprised to learn just how many allergens they bring along with them each time they enter their sleeping space. To keep pollen, dust and other allergens out, take off your shoes and outerwear before entering the bedroom, or better yet, leave them at the front door. Finally, remember that plant pollen is a major source of allergy problems -- resist the urge to decorate with fresh flowers, no matter how pretty they look on your nightstand. If you must have flowers inside the home, choose lilies or other varieties with large stamens, the vertical tufts in the center of the flower where most of the pollen is stored. Remove and dispose of the stamens outdoors before bringing your blooms inside