5 Ways to De-Junk Your Family Room


Threaten, Cajole or Sneak

If you lived alone, you'd probably be able to de-junk your whole home in under an hour. Because you have loved ones, the pesky darlings, cleaning can become a minefield of recriminations, wrath and acrimony. It isn't just about getting things organized. Some stuff definitely has to go the way of the Dodo. Remember the remote control from your last TV, the heavy thing with the big picture tube? Well, there it is on the coffee table with seven other remotes (none of which you understand how to use, btw).

When it comes to making people part with items that really earn the label "junk," be heartless. Your hubby's impassioned declaration that his moldering relics are useful objects is a huge pile-o-you know what (just like the old license plates he wants to turn into wall art). Pitch the stuff, and if anyone notices, plead ignorance.