5 Ways to Get Children Started Cleaning


Make it a Game

If you've ever sweated to a dance exercise video, you know that making a chore into a game really works. Ask your kids to dust your hardwood floors by skating around them in a pair of "cleaning" socks. You'll be foiling the dust bunnies and showing your youngsters that housework doesn't have to be dull. Fold laundry to the "same and different" game. Have your child find and match his clothing items, fold them and place them in a child-sized laundry basket. Start with socks and move up to tees and pants. You'll be spending quality time with your child and teaching him how to dress himself more intuitively and fold laundry all at the same time. Start looking at chores as opportunities to create cleaning games for your kids to play. They'll use up excess energy and be more responsible around the house.