Five Ways to Organize for Free


Systemize It

One of the most important aspects of living an organized lifestyle is to make it a habit. It's not enough to clean once; a few weeks later, you'll be losing things to looming piles of clutter all over again. By developing effective organizational patterns that work for you, you'll be able to make staying organized the "new norm."

Here are a few great tips:

  • Try getting used to dealing with bills right after you get back from the mailbox.
  • Leave your keys, purse and coat(s) in the same spot when you get home each evening.
  • Put things away directly after you use them.
  • Allow yourself a few places for clutter to reign. Maybe have a basket of random stuff on the kitchen counter or a clothes-covered corner of the bedroom, but make that the extent of it.
  • Use old Tupperware, washed-out food containers or used delivery boxes to organize everything from nails or tools in your garage to shoes and socks in your closet.

Don't worry if your first attempts leave you shuddering amid a giant mess in a matter of moments; it can take time to evolve a system of strategies that works for your particular situation. Just keep at it, always remembering the goal: you want to get yourself organized, but you don't want to have to shell out a bunch of cash to do it.