5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen for Under $50


Toss It

This task costs absolutely no money -- and while it can be a big one to tackle, it's also really rewarding.

If you have too much clutter, there's probably plenty of stuff you can get rid of. If you're a pack rat, you might find it tough, but we promise it will be liberating when you start junking your old stuff.

The pork chops that have been in your freezer for two years -- guess what? You're never going to eat them. Throw them away. It's not good to be wasteful, but these have passed the point of usefulness. If you feel bad about throwing them in the garbage bin, make a resolution to shop smarter next time and actually use what you have.

Go through the fridge and pantry and get rid of all expired items. Then, take a look at the stuff you have but don't use. How often do you break out the melon baller, anyway? Do you really need three blenders, one of which is broken? Plenty of charity thrift stores are willing to take the stuff that still looks nice and works. And maybe the old mini microwave could find a new happy home in your niece's college dorm room.