6 Home Organization Myths


"Too Long in the Same House"

­ ­Myth: "I really do want to get organized, but it's just too much of a disaster after 15 years in the same house."

Fact: You've allowed yourself to be intimidated by the very prospect of organizing. Years of procrastination haven't helped; instead, take a little more time and read every every bit of this article.

Analysis: You're understandably overwhelmed, but that's because you've been viewing the chaotic conditions in their entirety. Break down the whole into smaller and more manageable parts. Then evaluate each smaller area of clutter and determine how to conquer it effectively Gradually, every section of the house -- taking one closet, one cabinet, one corner at a time -- will come under control.­

­Now that we've separated myth from fact, it's time to get started organizing that closet! In the Home Organization section, we will give you some tips that will help you on your path of organization.