8 Green Cleaning Tips for Special Fabrics


Leather Shoes and Other Goods

Shoes and other leather items can also be cleaned with some of the Fantastic Four products. If you have dress shoes that need cleaning, try pouring a little lemon juice onto a soft cotton cloth and then sprinkling the cloth with cream of tartar. Use the cloth to massage the stained area lightly until the stain is removed. Lightly rinse the area and then buff it with another soft cloth. Light-colored shoes with black scuff marks can be shined with a baking soda paste. Rub the paste on with a soft cloth and then wipe it off. If you're going to apply a shoe polish, do it afterward.

If you happen to get ink on a leather item -- say a ballpoint pen gets loose in your purse -- baking soda can act as a mild scrubber. Just lay the item flat and sprinkle it with baking soda, lightly rubbing it in. Leave the baking soda on until the ink is absorbed, then brush it off. Repeat if necessary. The white rubber soles on those expensive athletic shoes can also easily get scuffed up. You can clean off scuffs and black marks by sprinkling a little baking soda on a sponge or washcloth and wiping the stained areas.