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Keep your home office tidy by getting rid of unnecessary papers and clutter. See more home office decor pictures.
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The Home Office 

  • Keep your home office clean and uncluttered by eliminating unnecessary items and keeping only what you need. A tidy workspace will increase productivity and make your job more enjoyable.
  • Keep your home office up-to-date. Obsolete office equipment can take up a lot of valuable room. Trade up to newer equipment that works more efficiently and takes up less space.
  • Is your home business outgrowing your space? Eliminating outdated supply catalogs and duplicate product samples.
  • One way to keep your workspace clear is to buy an easy-to-install insert that sinks your monitor into the desktop. It's a stylish solution that can really open up a workstation.
  • If you have a business that requires a lot of supplies, don't fall into the trap of overbuying. Purchase a reasonable amount that you can expect to sell in a limited amount of time. If it just ends up sitting on a shelf or covering your floor, it's like throwing away money.