Honey Do: Cleaning Jobs Perfect for Dad

Divide and conquer your to-do list.
Divide and conquer your to-do list.
Andrew Onley/Thinkstock

While both men and women should be able to handle any housecleaning chore that comes up, getting your home spic-and-span in a hurry will go a little bit faster if you both have routine jobs to focus on. Add these must-dos to his list to make your life easier – and your household a little neater.

Bathroom Cleaning

No, we’re not trying to get you out of the worst cleaning job, but with high shower walls and lots of scrubbing, this might be a task your husband can tackle more efficiently than you. If he’s the type who does best when given one chore to power through – instead of something with lots of organization, like sorting out the kids clothes by season and size – let him lock himself in there and scrub away.


Everyone in the house should take turns with laundry. Make sure your husband tackles a few loads a week – he can toss them in before work or take on folding duties while watching his favorite reality show in the evenings -- and have him show your children how to work the washer too, because this is a life skill they’ll need.

Team Work

If the day-to-day cleaning falls to you, make sure he’s on board to help with the bigger weekend jobs – like cleaning out the attic, organizing the garage, and transplanting bushes to improve your landscaping. If it’s a two-person job, add it to his list so he knows you’re expecting him to set aside some time for a group effort.

Manual Labor

You know you’re strong enough to haul all the trash out every week, or rake the leaves and bag them up, but why not put these on the honey-do list so you can focus on changing the bed sheets…or having a nice cup of coffee while watching your husband do the work? The amount of energy you’ve expended on carrying groceries, vacuuming, weeding, and dusting is more than equal to a few of his hours outside with the leaf blower.

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