Cleaning and Organizing Calendar

January: Put your pills in order

Happy New Year! You partied like it's 1999 last night, and today your head is begging for some aspirin. You open your medicine cabinet to find only one chipped pill in a container where the label is so faded you can't be sure it's actually aspirin. Make this your first resolution: Clean and organize your medicine cabinet.

Up first, clean. Throw away anything that's damaged, broken or beyond its expiration date -- include not only prescription drugs but over-the-counter medicines, bandages and anything else you have stored in there.

Next, organize. Stock your medicine cabinet with essentials such as bandages, antiseptics, thermometer, nail clippers, tweezers and even your favorite toothpaste -- check out this article for a list of the 10 items you should be storing in your medicine cabinet.

The one thing you shouldn't keep in your medicine cabinet is medicine (humidity is pill kryptonite). Relocate prescription and OTC medicines to a friendlier place, such as a kitchen drawer or cabinet.