Cleaning and Organizing Calendar

November: Put together the pantry

November kicks off the winter holiday season, and with that comes family and food. Before you're called upon to host Thanksgiving, it's time to get your pantry in order -- that case of tuna and the stockpile of soups have no business next to the Thanksgiving turkey.

Start your pantry organization by removing and discarding any items that have expired, spoiled, or have missing labels or damaged packaging. Wipe off each empty shelf to remove dust, debris and spills (for sticky spills, try an eco-friendly mixture of baking soda, water and elbow grease). Before restocking your pantry, consider a plan: Group similar items together for easy scanning and locating. Follow whatever system works for you, whether it involves grouping canned items together or by food families. If your pantry is large enough to also house appliances, inspect them all to be sure they still work. If any need maintenance, then store only those you use -- if you can't remember the last time you used the rice cooker, do you really need it?