Cleaning and Organizing Calendar

June: Dirty duvets

Make haste while the sun shines: Now that summer is upon us, there's little need for winter's heavy blankets, quilts and flannel sheets. Clean your linen closet, starting with thrifting linens that are gently used and no longer in use and discarding any items that are threadbare and worn out. Then, wash everything you plan to keep and store, sorted by size, for the next cold spell.

Drying a duvet in the dryer can be an exhaustive, multi-hour event. Instead take advantage of the summer sunshine and hang your comforters, sheets and blankets on an outdoor clothesline to dry.

No clothesline? Tackle it as a weekend project. You'll need:

  • A shovel
  • Cement
  • Wooden or metal poles
  • Rope
  • (Or a pre-made umbrella clothesline that includes posts and rope)
  • A level

Day one will require hole digging and cement, in which you'll add your wooden or metal post. Use the level to ensure straightness. On day two, after the cement has hardened, you can build out your clothesline.