Cleaning and Organizing Calendar

July: Unleash the skeletons

Tackling your bedroom closets can seem like a big task to take on -- it's more like a weekend project than an afternoon chore. But the payoff is big. Haven't worn something in the last year? Time to recycle it. A reasonable goal is to leave about 15 percent of your closet space free for new purchases.

When storing seasonal clothing, take a tip from professional organizer Diane Albright, who helped Kate of Jon & Kate Plus 8 get organized:

  • Sort everything into piles.
  • Pack seasonal clothing or other items you plan to keep into boxes.
  • Label each box (on both the front and back). Use index cards or splurge on a label maker -- either way you'll save aggravation.
  • Store on shelving in the closet, or move to storage space in your attic or basement.

Having trouble working with the closet space you have available? Consider this tip from Clean Sweep (episode "The Toy Factory"): Add custom shelving to your existing storage space. Custom shelving will make use of wall space and the space near the ceiling. Some closet-organizing projects are DIY, but it depends how customized you want to get -- custom closet organization can be designed to suit your personal needs.