Cleaning and Organizing Calendar

September: Declutter storage areas

With autumn around the corner, it's time to think about storing summer gear and making room for winter accessories. In with the snowblower, out with the mower.

While making the switch, take the time to declutter the garage. When decluttering a garage, sorting is key. Organize by like items: car care, tools, hardware, you get the point. Much like organizing a closet space, remember to label your containers before you shelve them. And remember to get creative with the space -- again, as with organizing a closet, take advantage of all the available space, including the walls and space near the ceiling. Consider installing cabinets and other custom shelving to add storage options that get your tools and other equipment off of the floor.

And finally, what should you do with the stuff you no longer use? Hold a garage sale, post on the Freecycle Network or Craigslist, or donate items to a local charity.