Creating Study Space for Your Kids

With a desk and chair at the right height, this girl comfortably completes her homework.
With a desk and chair at the right height, this girl comfortably completes her homework.

Once you have the work surface established, you'll need some necessary accessories. Good lighting is important, so some sort of desk lamp is a must. A chair that puts them at the proper desk height is a good investment. They'll need plenty of materials at their fingertips to complete homework and projects, so stocking up with plenty of pencils, paper and age-appropriate desk supplies is crucial. Elementary schoolers need a good stock of crayons and kid scissors, while high schoolers require pens, staplers and tape. Get them involved in the purchase of their supplies and use this as an opportunity to teach them to stay tidy and organized. A calendar is also a useful tool to help them prioritize and learn to set and track deadlines. Additionally, a timer is good for kids who may need some help staying on track. If there's room, extra seating space is helpful for longer reading assignments. A comfy chair or beanbag is a good option, and even the bed is great for reading, unless that makes them too comfortable -- you don't want them to fall asleep mid-page. And it never hurts to hang a bulletin board full of accomplishments to keep their spirits up. Youngsters may enjoy looking at art they made, while a high schooler can stay motivated by seeing the big red "A" on the hard test they aced.

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