Dirty Jobs to Delegate

Don’t risk making a bigger mess by doing it yourself.
Don’t risk making a bigger mess by doing it yourself.

DIY is all the rage, with every homeowner learning handyperson skills and tackling renovations and housecleaning tasks big and small. But which jobs should be left to the professionals, and why? Find out which tough and messy must-dos are worth the extra cost of hiring someone to do your dirty work.

Bug Infestations

Traveled recently and found yourself back at home with rashes and itching? While most bug infestations are easy for a homeowner to identify, they are not easy to tackle on your own. In the case of bedbugs and termites, they can cause serious damage to your home, so call an exterminator as soon as possible.

Electrical Work

Doing your own wiring offers plenty of opportunities to really hurt yourself (or worse). It’s very tempting to try adding a light switch or installing a lighting fixture on your own, with so much information available about how to do this. However, a quick search online shows reams of conflicting advice, and no fixture is exactly the same. Call an electrician.

Exterior Painting

This isn’t something you can make much of a mess of on your own, but it’s time consuming and dangerous for a novice. What can take a team of pros a day or two could take you (and your spouse or older kids) a week – and that’s if you don’t have any rain. Professionals are also more accustomed to working on ladders and know all of the safety regulations in your area.

Drywall Patching or Hanging

Unless you’re friends with a contractor, taking down walls or patching holes in drywall can leave you not only with a huge mess, but also with sloppily patched walls that don’t look as seamless as you’d like. Whether you’re looking to sell your house or just have a perfect finished product, you’ll want smooth, even walls with no signs of patches.

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