Fireplace-Cleaning Tips

The Grate and Fireplace Tools

  • The grate is usually made from cast iron and can accumulate a buildup of creosote tars or sap from burning green wood. Cast-iron tools may be cleaned in the same way as grates. To remove buildup, take the grate or tool outside and hose it down. Sprinkle an abrasive cleanser on the surface, and scrub with a stiff-bristle brush or steel-wool soap pad.
  • For andirons and brass or brass-plate tools, there are many products that can restore them to their original beauty with a little time and effort.
  • You also can make your own recipe for cleaning fireplace tools. Clean the grime and soot from fireplace tools or andirons by dipping fine-grade (000) steel wool in vegetable oil and rubbing gently. Apply a polish to bring up the shine.