Home Organization

Did you ever look around your house and wonder where all the junk came from? Home organization can be surprisingly difficult to achieve. But these great methods and tips will help get you organized.

Find appliances and fixtures for your home that clean easily and look great.

Is your neighbor popping by in five? Here’s how to make your place look great.

Stucco can be attractive and eco-friendly, but it also stains easily. We'll tell you several ways to remove those stubborn stains and breathe new life into this popular building material.

Tile is a common choice for bathrooms, but with tile comes grout. And sometimes, it's not so easy to keep clean. Enter the grout scrubbing tool.

Overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning your basement, moving cross-country or even getting your electronic life in order? Professional organizers help tackle all types of projects in both the home and office. How do you know if it's worth hiring one?

Table topped with junk? Car packed with papers? Clean clothes MIA? There's a point where "messy" turns into "mess," making life unnecessarily difficult and stressful. Time to find out if your life fits the bill.

Are springtime birdies and budding leaves awakening your primordial urge to clean? More power to you! But before you go dusting up a storm, we suggest you sort through your stuff (and read this article).

Winter means chestnuts roasting on open fire – which hopefully is not smoking up your house! Check out our tips for preparing your home for the cold season.

In "The Wizard of Oz" poor Dorothy didn't have time to seek shelter when the tornado was approaching. But if one was coming your way, would you know what to do?

A fire can destroy a home -- and a life -- in seconds. It's imperative to be ready if that day ever comes. Find out what you need to do to prepare for a fire in your home.

If you live in hurricane country, you need to be storm-ready at all times. Here's how to get your family and home ready -- and what to do if the big one starts barreling your way.

If you're tired of moving every project off the dining room table to make room for actual food, then it's time to set up your own workroom. We'll show you how.

Your makeup bag probably consists of lots of little pieces that can get disorganized quickly. Take some time to sort them out, and your makeup routine will be a breeze.

It's so easy for your medications and first-aid supplies to become a mess in a hurry, and that doesn't help when you need to access something fast. It's time to get organized.

No closet? No problem. You don't need three walls and a door to complete your closet storage needs.

If your job requires you wear a tie, then don't waste time every morning digging one out of the pile in your closet. Organize them for easy access to clean and pressed ties every time.

Whether real or costume, jewelry deserves care and attention so you can enjoy your pieces for the long haul. We'll show you how to keep them safe while showing them off at the same time.

The kitchen cabinets in your house are in total disarray and you'd like to learn how to organize them. Learn how to organize your kitchen cabinets from this article.

When you know how to organize your stereo wires you can enjoy great music in a clutter-free environment. Learn about how to organize stereo wires in this article.

You'd like to make a wooden shoe organizer to store your shoes in, but are not quite sure how. Learn here how to make a simple wooden shoe organizer.

Your family room is just that, a room for your family -- and all of their junk. It may seem completely overwhelming to think about clearing out the clutter, but it's time to shape it up and ship it out -- to make room for more junk, of course.

Organization and time management are concepts that even adults sometimes struggle to learn. But that's all the more reason to get your kids started early. We'll help make the job easier.

"Study" is a four-letter word to many kids, but as a parent, your job is to make sure that homework gets done. Having a designated study area is one tool that can help get the job done, but how do you make it a space your kids will actually want to use?

The price of gas and food is up, and so is the unemployment rate. The only thing that seems to be going down is your disposable income. Fear not: If you follow a budget, there are ways to make your money stretch.

Do you include the garage on your checklist of rooms that need a good spring cleaning? Get the garage ready for spring by blowing off the cobwebs that have gathered on your grill, and prep your recreational equipment for warm-weather fun.