Housecleaning Habits to Teach Your Kids

How clean is your shower head?
How clean is your shower head?

Teaching your kids great housecleaning habits at an early age not only helps you keep a neat and organized home, but also sets them up for a lifetime of cleanliness. When they learn these simple habits and stick to them, they’ll feel pride in their work and you’ll have a cleaner home.

Pick Up As You Go

Teach your kids from a very young age to pick up as they go about their day. After playing, young kids can put away their toys in a toybox. Older kids can learn to make their bed in the morning, wipe down the bathroom sink and pick up towels. By the time they’re teens, they’ll have built a habit of picking up after themselves along the way, so cleaning won’t be so stressful.

Don’t Put it Off

The more you put off cleaning, the dirtier your home gets and the harder it is to clean. This holds true for kid-size messes, too! Teach little ones to pick up dishes from the dinner table after the meal, tidy the bathroom when they’re done washing their hands or brushing their teeth, and put supplies away after finishing a craft project.

One Task at a Time

It’s easier for kids to get a job done if they can focus on one item at a time. Create a chore chart – or just make a list – and break down big tasks (like “clean your room”) into smaller steps (like “make the bed”, “empty the hamper”, and “clean up your blocks”). Tackling tasks via a list is a good habit to build for when they have to tackle science projects, research papers, and work presentations, too!

Storage Solutions

Give your kids ownership of their clean-ups by letting them pick out baskets, toy storage and other types of bins and bags to put their toys and clothes in. Either have their names printed on them, or DIY labels with their names. They’ll love putting things away in “their” basket.

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