Housecleaning Tricks Mom Never Told You

Great housecleaning tricks make your life easier.
Great housecleaning tricks make your life easier.
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You probably learned a lot about keeping a clean home from your mother, but there are some tricks she may not have shared – either because she didn’t know them or because they hadn’t even been discovered yet. Try these smart new tips to cut your chore time and finally impress mom with your housekeeping!

Do a Daily Quick Cleaning

Most of our moms did a weekly deep cleaning, but over the years, daily quick cleanings have become more popular. With more daily shower sprays, bleach and cleanser wipes, and quick-clean sprays available, it’s much easier to do a daily cleaning of your dirtiest spaces than a deep clean over the weekend (plus, who wants to clean on the weekend?).

Scrub Your Sink to Stay Healthy

We’ve only realized in the past few years that the kitchen and bathroom sinks are some of the dirtiest places in every home. Clean both regularly with a spray or wipe cleanser and cut down on gunk and the spread of germs. If you use a pre-moistened towel to wash your face, you can give your sink a quick wipe down with that, too!

Squeegee the Shower

You could spend hours scrubbing the shower tiles and doors, or you could pick up an inexpensive squeegee – just like you use on your car windows at the gas stations – and quickly squeegee down your shower. The rubber scrapes away the gunk just like it does on your car.

Vacuum the Furniture

Instead of using your big floor vacuum on the furniture, keep a small hand-held vacuum around for picking up crumbs and messes on the couch, chairs and even on the bed. The convenience of having it right where you need it means you’ll keep your seats crumb-free (and maybe even help your furniture last longer).

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