How to Clean a Pool

Swimming is a fantastic way to beat the summer heat. However it's crucial to properly clean and maintain the swimming pool. Improper maintenance can lead to allergies and all sorts of water-borne illness. Cleaning the pool properly will protect the swimmers as well as ensure your swimming comfort. If your pool is not surrounded by trees and you have the right equipment, cleaning a pool is quite simple. Follow the instructions below at least once a week and you'll be able to clean your pool in a jiffy.

  • Check the pump and clean the filter Pumps circulate the water going into, around and out of the pool. The pool pump works in conjunction with a filter that cleans the water. The filter helps maintain the pool's water quality and removes debris from the water. If the filters aren't maintained and cleaned adequately, they won't work efficiently and the water can become contaminated.
  • Skim the leaves Attach a leaf skimmer to the end of a telepole (a pole that can extend up to 24 feet (7.3 meters)). Skim and remove any debris and leaves floating on top of the water.
  • Vacuum the pool Connect the vacuum hose to the pool's pump suction intake, which is located on the wall of the pool. Some vacuums connect to the suction intake of a free standing unit. Attach the other end of the hose to the vacuum unit's extension stick. Attach the brush to the stick and vacuum the floor of the pool.
  • Clean the walls Once a month take a special brush and clean the walls at the water level. This is where algae builds up. The type of brush you use depends on what your pool is made of. If your pool is made of vinyl or fiberglass you will need a nylon bristle brush. If it's made of concrete, you'll need a stainless steel bristle brush. A handheld tile brush will suffice if you have a tiled pool [sources: Home Tips, Pool and Spa].