How to Clean Ceiling Fans

Just because they're out of sight, doesn't mean ceiling fans don't get dirty too. Ceiling fans are a main source of spreading dust in the air that could trigger asthma attacks or allergies [source: Harris]. Since you don't look directly at your ceiling fan every day, it's common to forget about it when you're cleaning the house. Here's how to clean your ceiling fans:

  1. Find a stepladder or sturdy chair to stand on, so you can see the top of the fan blades.
  2. Dust the exterior of the fan including the light fixture, motor assembly and bottoms of the fan blades with a feather duster or microfiber cloth. Leave the tops of the fan blades for later [source: Forte, ISU].
  3. Take a damp paper towel or microfiber cloth and carefully and slowly wipe off the top layer of dust from the blades [source: Heloise]. If you find sticky grime on top of the blades, check for signs that it's from oil leaking from the motor rather than simply airborne grease particles [source: Heloise].
  4. Use an all-purpose cleaner on a rag or paper towel to clean off any grease or grime, then wipe the blades dry with a clean rag or paper towel [source: Heloise]. Make sure no liquids enter into the motor [source: ISU].
  5. Remove the light fixture cover and clean the inside and outside with a mild all-purpose cleaner, dry it and then replace it [source: ISU].

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