How to Clean Cooktops

Gas and Electric Stovetops and Range Exteriors

The exteriors of most gas and electric ranges are baked-on porcelain enamel; the trim is usually chrome; and the control knobs are plastic. The easiest way to keep these clean is to wipe the surface around the heating elements after each use. Avoid usin­g harsh abrasives or steel wool, which will damage the stove's enamel finish. Also consider these suggestions:

  • Wash reflector bowls, or drip pans, and grids in warm soapsuds whenever food or grease is spilled on them.
  • Gas burners should be washed occasionally. Clear the holes with a fine wire. Do not use a toothpick; it could break off and clog the hole.
  • Electric heating elements are self-cleaning and should never be submerged in water.
  • Remove all the control knobs when you clean the exterior of the range to make the job easier. Soak the knobs in warm sudsy water, and dry them with a soft towel before putting them back in place.

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