How to Clean Cookware and Servingware

Cleaning Dinnerware

  • To make short work of cleaning dinnerware, remove food residue as quickly as possible. Scrape dishes with a rubber scraper or plastic brush to prevent scratches. Never scrape plates with knives or other sharp objects.

  • Rinse out cups before residues have a chance to stain them.

  • Acidic foods, such as tomatoes, vinegar, and wine, allowed to remain on glazed dinnerware can pit the surface.

  • To protect glass and china from breaking while you are washing it, use a plastic dish pan or rubber sink mat. You can also pad the bottom of the sink with a towel.

  • Do not wash delicate, hand-painted, gold- or silver-trimmed, or antique dinnerware in the dishwasher. Metal-trimmed dinnerware should also not be soaked in soapy water for long periods of time; this will damage the trim.

What goes great with dinnerware? Utensils, of course! Find tips for cleaning flatware and cutlery on the next page.