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How to Clean Cookware and Servingware

Cleaning Glassware

  • Most glassware can be safely washed in the dishwasher, but gilt- and silver-trim glass, delicate crystal, milk glass, and ornamental glass must be washed by hand. If you have soft water, wash all glassware by hand -- the combination of soft water and detergent will etch and permanently dull glassware.

  • Before you wash glassware, cushion the bottom of the sink with a towel or rubber mat.

  • Add vinegar to the wash water or rinse water for more sparkle; ammonia in the wash water will cut grease on glassware.

  • Slowly slide stemware into the water, holding the glass by the base; if you push a glass into the water bottom first, it is likely to crack.

    Hold glasses by the base when submerging them in water.
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    Hold glasses by the base when submerging them in water.


  • Glass and Ceramic Glass Cookware
    Just like glassware, glass and ceramic cookware requires tender loving care. Here are some tips for cleaning glass and ceramic glass.

    • Most heat-resistant glass and ceramic-glass cookware is designed for oven use only, but some can be used on stovetops.

    • Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully to make sure that you use your cookware appropriately.

    • All glass and ceramic-glass cookware is dishwasher-safe.

    • Glass cookware that is allowed to boil dry is likely to shatter. If a pot boils dry, turn off the heat and leave the pot where it is until it has cooled.

    • Remove mineral deposits from glass coffeepots and teapots by boiling full-strength cider vinegar in the container for 15 minutes.

    Remove dirt from crevices with a soft brush; remove stains by rubbing with a cut lemon or washing in a vinegar solution.

  • Allow glassware to drip-dry upside down, or polish with a soft cloth.

  • Clean stained decanters by filling them with water and adding 1 cup ammonia or vinegar. Soak overnight.

Just because it's nonstick, doesn't necessary mean it's easy to clean. Go to the next page for tips on cleaning cookware with a nonstick finish.