How to Clean Garbage Disposal Odors

Most homeowners are thrilled when they see a working and easy-to-use garbage disposal in their new kitchen sink. It's only after you've used one for a while that you'll notice a foul odor wafting from the kitchen. Not to fear; in just a few minutes with a wide range of household items, you can get rid of stinky odors and prevent them from coming back. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to clean garbage disposal odors.

  • Citrus A fast way to eat away at the odor coming from your garbage disposal is to use citrus. Throw a whole, sliced lemon or lime into the disposal and allow the citric acids to combat any smells [source: Mrs. Clean USA].
  • Ice Cubes An effective way to dislodge any remaining debris in your garbage disposal is to grind ice cubes in there [source: Forte]. Not only will you get out any leftover food chunks, but you will sharpen the disposal blades as well [source: Mrs. Clean USA].
  • Baking Soda Run the water down your garbage disposal and pour approximately a cup of baking soda down the drain. Combining baking soda and ice cubes is a surefire method to deodorize any garbage disposal.
  • Powdered Oxygen Bleach A non-toxic solution, powdered oxygen bleach will combat any lingering odors and sanitize the entire disposal. Pour a half cup of oxygen bleach with a generous helping of water into the garbage disposal. Allow the solution to sit for an hour. Next, put the stopper in your sink drain, fill the sink with soapy water and remove the stopper. Turn on the disposal to allow the soapy water to get at all the corners. Your garbage disposal will be as clean as the day you got it [source: Carter].

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